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Transform Your Watercraft

Customize, Protect & Enhance Your Boat

Vinyl Wraps offer boat owners the ability to preserve and customize their watercraft. Boat wraps are a great alternative to paint as they are more affordable, customizable and easily removable. A Vinyl wrap can be used for many different types of interior and exterior detailing, giving any boat the visual pop it needs to be seen. This detailing includes vinyl stripes, textured accents, or even stylized lettering. All of these are important options for you to consider as you think about the design of your boat wrap. In any case, we’ll help tailor the design you choose to any type of marine vessel. Further, we only use the best vinyl materials available, including 3M & Avery Vinyl Films.

Boat wraps & graphics are pushing the industry forward.

Looking for the unique design that’s sure to turn heads? Whether you need an eye-catching logo for a advertising campaign, a company brand or design, or even just a simple new color, we’re here for you. With vinyl wrapping, we put you in the design chair and give you full access to our design team to ensure your boat looks exactly how you want it to. Over the years, has become skilled at talking with customers and helping them find a design that fits their needs. We’ll help fit the design to any boat to give you the boat of your dreams.

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In this industry, details are key. Our in-house installers have mastered the art of applying vinyl films. In boat wrapping, a good design is only the halfway point. We pride ourselves on the expertise and mastery of our installation team, the leaders of the second half of the job. Our installers know the secrets of the vinyl wrapping trade, and they’ll help bring any vision to life.

While all of our quality wraps use the same excellent 3M and Avery materials, they still come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and for all different purposes as you’ll see below.


Yacht Wraps

As you can imagine,yacht wraps are a slightly bigger job. We're very experienced working with yachts and happily do full or partial exterior wraps. Many yacht owners also have interior detailing done in vinyl, a service we also provide.


Speed Boat Wraps

Speed boats are another common boat we regularly work with. Many speed boat owners are looking for stylish vinyl wraps with detailed graphic designs that capture the imagery of sporty boating.


Sail Boat Wraps

While sailboats are already eye-catching in their own right, vinyl wraps are a good way to take their aesthetic to the next level.


Other Vessels

We’ll vinyl wrap just about any kind of boat or marine craft, large or small. We offer both interior and exterior boat wraps.


Fishing Boat Wraps

Our most common job, fishing boat wraps make up a large number of our orders. We often do custom vinyl wraps on fishing boats, meaning we design and cover the entirety of the exterior surface. Florida

Speclializing in vinyl boat wraps & graphics.

We consider ourselves some of the top vinyl wrap artisits in our industry, especially when it comes to boats. We have designed and installed vinyl wraps for boats of all sizes, from small speed boats to large yachts. We know the best practices, materials, inks and techniques to perfect each job we do. We are licensed and insured and have relationships with several Florida marinas. We encourage you to contact us to get any questions answered or to get a quote on a wrap for the exterior or interior of your boat.


The Benefits of Vinyl Boat Wraps

Protection. Customization.

Vinyl graphics are a superior option when it comes to changing the look and feel of your marine vessel. While marine painting certainly has its place, more and more people are turning to vinyl wraps. Boat vinyl wraps are a great alternative to conventional paint and gel coats. They offer several unqiue benefits, including protection, customization and affordability. Boat wraps are truly our specialty, and we like to brag about the important benefits they offer to anyone ready to customize their boat. Ultimately, vinyl boat wraps offer:

Finally, your vision for your boat is within reach.

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