While yacht wraps are a very big job for many vinyl installers, they’re far from too big for our team. In fact, Boatwraps.com has installed many different yacht wraps for the Florida community over the years, and we’re happy to do the same for you.

Boatwraps.com is a team full of experts in the vinyl wrap industry, and we’re more than happy to help your vision come to life.

If you’re looking for a custom vinyl wrap for your yacht, or other marine vessel, we encourage you to reach out. We will make sure we get all of your questions are answered.

We offer vinyl boat wraps of all kinds, whether you’re looking for a full, partial, textured or interior wrap. Although the surface area of a yacht is much greater than that of most fishing boats and other small marine craft, vinyl yacht wraps are great alternative to a conventional paint job. They also happen to be one of our specialties.  If you’re considering wrapping your yachts vs. a typical paint job, let us help you understand a little more about vinyl wraps.

Why opt for a vinyl wrap for your yacht?

Many yacht owners have vinyl wraps installed to spruce up their yacht’s appearance, whether on the interior or exterior. The cost and turn around time to have a wrap completed, combined with the benefits these films offer, make a vinyl wrap an option that more and more yacht owners are turning to. One of the biggest benefits of these vinyl films is they’re versatility, making it easy to apply to both interior and exterior surfaces. We’re able to manipulate vinyl and graphics to make your boat look exactly the way you want, so whether you’re looking to have a full wrap or the interior cabinets of your yacht done, we’re here to help.

Not only do vinyl wraps offer excellent customization with graphics and artwork, but they also offer hull protection from scratches and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Boat wraps are excellent alternatives to traditional marine painting and/or gel coats. The low-cost, protective features, and easy removal of the film itself make them a superior choice to both gel coats and traditional paint jobs.

When you’re ready to start designing graphics for your yacht or exploring colors and textures, our team is ready to help you out. Designing wraps for boats is quite different from doing designs on a flat surface.  Once you come up with a vision for how your yacht or boat should look, our team will figure out how that design can fit onto your specific boat model.

For any questions about the design process, installation, or about vinyl wraps in general, reach out to us using the contact form below or by calling us at 954-500-2628.