oat wraps are made out of a highly durable and conformable vinyl film material which can cover some or all of a boat’s exterior, giving it a whole different appearance. The benefits of vinyl wraps are endless, though they mainly serve to convey bright, clear images, designs, advertisements, or otherwise. For this reason, they’re considered a great alternative to conventional marine painting, and at only a fraction of the cost.

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Vinyl Wrap vs. Paint Job

There are several reasons why you should at least explore a vinyl wrap for your speedboat over a paint job.  When you look at the benefits of a wrap compared to the investment or cost associated, you will really begin to understand the value of going the wrap route. Below we’ve outlined a few key benefits of wrapping your boat vs having it painted.

Cost – Marine vinyl wrap is only about a third the cost of a marine paint job, making it the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have several thousand dollars to spend on their boat.

Customizability – The options are as endless as your imagination with vinyl boat wraps. Similarly, vinyl wrap allows for brighter colors, textures, as well as clearer messages and a generally better visual aesthetic than marine painting.

Maintenance and Durability – While paint jobs can potentially last longer than a vinyl wrap, they also do require repainting and maintenance every few years. Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance and are easy to fix in case of dents and scratches. Similarly, they can be completely replaced easily, without the need to spend time removing all the paint. The actual installation time is also a lot shorter than opting for painting your boat.

Speed Boat Wrap Applications

While all of our quality wraps use the same excellent 3M and Avery materials, they still come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and for all different purposes as you’ll see below.

Full Vinyl Wrap – A full wrap is designed to cover the entire exterior surface of a boat, from rub rail to waterline. This is a great option for anybody looking to do a full color change, holistic design, and the like.

Partial Vinyl Wraps – Partial vinyl wraps are another kind of exterior wrap, although they do not cover the whole surface, as the title implies. These wraps work great for detailing, smaller designs, and many other purposes.

Graphic Wraps – Graphic wraps are designed to be eye-catching, and are an excellent way to implement boat wraps. With our artistic graphic design team, we offer excellent custom boat graphics for any style boat. We have a great portfolio of past designs to help you get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Interior Boat Wraps – Unlike the other wrap types, interior wraps are made for – you guessed it – the inside of a boat. From small detailing work to larger, all-encompassing designs, interior wraps can spruce up the inside of any boat. Being wraps can be produced to replicate anything, we can even achieve a wood grain look for accents or interior cabinets.


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