Before the 1980s, fishing boat wraps were not yet on the scene of Florida watersports. Even as vinyl wraps became popular for cars and other non-mobile uses throughout the 1980s, marine vessels had not yet dared into the territory of vinyl wraps. Users at the time were skeptical of its ability to hold up in the water, and the “experts” weren’t even sure if there would be a future in vinyl wrapping for water at all.

In spite of these early days of doubt, we now see plenty of vinyl wrapped fishing boats, speed boats, and even yachts out on the water. It’s safe to say that those experts were still learning the potential for the trade. Today, watching any professional marine sport you’re sure to find a whole slew of vinyl-wrapped boats and equipment branded with sponsors, team names, and other brightly-colored designs. is proud to say we’re the experts in the Florida marine vinyl wrapping industry.

Having been around almost as long as the industry itself, we’ve learned vinyl wrapping forward and back, including the secrets of the trade you won’t find elsewhere. We’ve even been part of the growth of this revolutionary product called vinyl.

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The Cost of Fishing Boat Wraps

While painting a boat can cost several thousand dollars and take a serious chunk out of a person’s schedule, the cost of fishing boat wraps are a mere fraction of the prior, and only take a few days to install. The cost of a fishing boat wrap will depend on a few factors, mentioned below, including coverage, design and overall customization level.

Type of Vinyl Wrap Jobs

Full Vinyl Wrap – A full vinyl wrap covers the entire exterior surface of a boat. These can often be the most expensive kinds of vinyl wrapping jobs, simply due to the surface area they cover.

Partial Vinyl Wrap– Partial vinyl wraps are similar to full wraps in that they are used on the exterior of the boat, however, they don’t cover its entirety like full wraps do. Partial wraps are a good option for those who want detailing or decorative content that only covers certain portions of the boat.

Graphic Wrap – Graphic boat wraps are designed with visuals in mind. They carry the loudest messages on the water with eye-catching designs and bright colors. We will work with the graphics you have, or you can with our artists to develop the wrap that you’re after.

Interior Wrap – While exterior wrap is most common, an interior wrap is another popular option for fishing boats. Interior wraps make great detailing work to make any boat’s interior more lively.

Size of Boat

Jet Ski Wraps – Jet Skis are obviously a small, yet common marine vessel. In most cases, jet ski wraps will tend to cost less than a larger boat, simply because of its size.

Fishing Boat Wraps – Fishing boats come in a wide range of sizes, which can make estimating the cost of these jobs difficult without seeing the boat. However, you’ll generally find fishing boat wraps are less costly than those of larger marine vehicles.

Sailboat Wraps – In most cases, sailboat wraps tend to be on the more expensive side of the boat wrap price spectrum.

Yacht Wraps – The most costly of boat wrap jobs, yacht wraps simply need to cover a great deal of surface area. With that being said, has installed many vinyl yacht wraps over the years, and surface area won’t stop us from offering you fair prices.

In general, fishing boat wraps start around $1500, whereas painting a boat is usually at least $5000, and often much more. However, the price of any vinyl job is best determined based on your specific set of needs, so don’t hesitate to get a hold of us!

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