Are you debating whether to have your boat vinyl wrapped or painted?

Although marine painting is the more “conventional” method of decking a boat out, there are many benefits to vinyl boat wraps to consider before making a decision.

Marine painting has been around for much longer than boat vinyl wrap and can offer a great long term solution. Early boats were often painted to convey their country of origin, name, etc. A vinyl wrap, however, was only popularized in the 1980s, and has since been used for countless different applications, including wrapping water vessels. Boat wraps, have become more and more popular since the 2000s as a way of changing the color, customizing and decorating a boat. Wraps tend to last 3-5 years, and even longer on vertical surfaces like the hull of a boat. The life of  wrap depends on several factors including quality of printing materials, installation, care and exposure to elements.

Today, vinyl wraps have become a preferred method to use a a promotional medium, to change the boat’s appearance and/or color, and to convey specific messages… and for good reasons. They’re are a cost effective way to advertise and turn heads, as well as add layer of protection to the boat.

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Boat Wrap vs. Paint Job: Benefits to Consider

Cost – Boat wraps are a more cost-efficient method of updating your boat’s aesthetic appearance, costing only about a third of what marine painting typically costs. As a result, many will decide to go the vinyl wrap route, simply because of its affordability.

Customizability – With boat vinyl wraps, the sky’s the limit for design choices, bright colors, and conveying messages. Printing on vinyl allows for a wide array of different looks, and it’ll also allow you to try multiple designs and pick your favorite before diving in. Similarly, we offer full or partial exterior wraps, and even textural and decorative wrap designs to detail the interior of a boat. All of these options give you the tools and freedom you need to make your boat look the way you want.

Durability – Although some paint jobs can last longer than a vinyl wrap, they ultimately require repainting and maintenance every few years. Boat wraps, however, are simple to maintain and are easy to patch in the case of scratches or dents. Keep in mind the overall durability and longevity of a boat wrap largely depends on the material quality and installation practices. Make sure that you understand that not all boat wraps are created equal. offers the ultimate in boat protection and customization, and we’re eager to help your vision come to life.

We’ve been around since the beginning of vinyl boat wraps, and as a result, we can confidently call ourselves the experts in all things marine wrapping. We’ve done countless boats over the years, wrapping everything from yachts to jet skis, and we’ve learned the secrets of the trade in that time. Let us help you create the boat of your dreams through vinyl wrapping.