A vinyl wrap can make any sailboat stand out on the water, especially when applied by the experts. Here at Boatwraps.com, we’re proud to call ourselves the experts on all vinyl boat wraps, custom boat graphics, vinyl interior detailing, and all other vinyl solutions for marine vessels.

High-quality sailboat wraps aren’t perfected overnight. Fortunately, we’ve had decades to perfect them.

When you look out upon any Florida waters, you’re likely to see at least a dozen ships dressed in a vinyl wrap. Why? Because vinyl wrapping has become more and more popular as people have come to understand the value and benefits of a vinyl wrap vs a traditional paint job offers. Boat wraps are becoming the standard for all things aesthetic on the water. It’s more cost-effective than painting, and has the ability to convey a clearer, brighter image, making it the perfect option for anyone looking to advertise a company, convey a message, or simply freshen up the appearance of their boat.

No matter what size or shape your sailboat is, it can be wrapped in vinyl.

Boatwraps.com has offered boat wraps to the Florida community for many years now. We’ve wrapped our fair sailboats and of course automobiles and aircraft as well. We can vinyl wrap sailboats, yachts, jet skis, and just about any size marine vessel in between.

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Why Vinyl Sailboat Wraps?

While marine painting and even gel coats certainly have their place, boat wraps are a great alternative to conventional paint and gel coating. Vinyl boat wraps are our specialty, and we like to brag about the important benefits they offer to anyone ready to customize their boat. Ultimately, vinyl boat wraps are:

  1. Cost-Efficient – While marine painting is a more traditional route of coloring or designing a boat, it can be quite a bit more expensive. In most cases, vinyl wrapping costs about a third that of marine painting.
  2. Versatile – In this day and age, vinyl wrapping has tons of different uses. In the same way, it can be used for fully or partially wrapping your sailboat, one-off images, holistic designs, or even interior detailing.
  3. Customizable – Vinyl wraps allow for a huge plethora of boat graphics and designs, meaning that anything you wish to see on your boat can be done.
  4. Fast – Vinyl painting generally only takes a day or two, while traditional marine painting can sometimes take several weeks.
  5. Easy to Maintain – A vinyl wrap can be easily repaired if need be. They are also easy to keep clean, and you won’t have to do any work to keep it up.
  6. Hull Protection – With vinyl wraps, you can rest assured knowing that your hull is protected from dangerous UV rays, water intrusion and a plethora of perils brought by the water. Boat wraps are a great alternative to gel coating and offer the same benefits.
  7. Long-Lasting – Vinyl boat wraps have the potential to last several years, making them a great solution for those looking to keep their boat shining brightly on the water for years to come.

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