has been wrapping boats for more than 20 years. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the nicest vessels in the industry. As professionals in the industry, we’ve made our home here in Ft Lauderdale. We have installed wraps in many of the Fort Lauderdale ports. Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marina, Las Olas Marina, Lauderdale Marina, and Marina Bay Yacht Center has spent two decades perfecting the art of boat wraps.

Burl Cole, has pioneered the marine wrap industry. He has spent years working directly with manufacturers like 3M and Avery Denison and has an excellent reputation in the industry. We’ve wrapped everything from superyachts down to a dingy, and everything in between. There’s no boat in Ft Lauderdale too big or too small to wrap.

For further questions about our custom boat graphics and their uses, call us today at 954-500-2682.

Opening our new Ft Lauderdale boat wraps location.

We’ve recently decided to open our installation facility to handle small boat wraps in Ft Lauderdale. This location will allow our dedicated installation team a controlled environment for wrapping boats. This makes wrapping in winter much easier.

What type of boats can we wrap in-house?

Small Boats –  Our new warehouse can fit boats up to 28′ in length. This makes our installation facility a prime location for small watercraft wraps. Our boat wrap team will be located close to large marinas in Fort Lauderdale.

To learn more about fishing boat wraps click here.

Yacht Wraps – If you have a larger vessel, don’t worry. We’ll come directly to your location and work with the marina of your choosing. We’re licensed and bonded which most is a requirement to conduct business in most marinas. If you’ve already placed your yacht on the hard, call us today to get your wrap scheduled.

To learn more about how we can customize your yacht,  click here.

Sailboat Wraps – If you are into classic sailing, catamarans, etc, we’ve got you covered. Our team will travel to your location and work with the marina of your choosing. We love wrapping sailboats, the bigger the better!

Learn more about sailboat wraps here.

Speed Boat Wraps – Have you seen the speed boats we’ve wrapped? Check them out in our gallery. We work directly with powerboat groups like Florida Powerboat Club to create custom wraps for some of the most amazing powerboats ever made. Not familiar with Florida Powerboat Club? Check out Stu Jone’s group. It’s amazing.

Want to learn more about speedboat wraps?

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For more information about vinyl boat wraps, reach out to our team! We’ll happily answer any and all questions you have about custom boat graphics and vinyl boat wraps. We’re the professionals at helping your boat look the way you want, and our artistic design team is first in line to ensure that happens.