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Refinish Your Yacht Interior

Example of Interiors of Yacht Refinishing

Be back on the water in days — and at a fraction of the cost

When you go with vinyl film to refurbish your yacht, the timeline of your project drops dramatically. Since you don’t have to tear out cabinetry, floors or walls, and more, you can take the project’s timeline down to just days. And then there’s the significant difference in cost. What you would pay to refinish your yacht’s interior in a traditional manner will be reduced by more than 50%!

Why turn to vinyl films for refinishing yacht interior?

A better question would be: why wouldn’t you? When you choose to refurbish your boat with traditional methods, you can expect to pay and wait to use your boat. So much has to be done, from pulling things out, installation and more, and the dust and debris require a thorough cleaning. What’s more, it’s a shockingly expensive ordeal. A professionally managed installation of vinyl film onto yacht interior fixes all of that.

Discover the benefits of no-fuss installation

Because no paint is used when installing vinyl film, you don’t have to worry about overspray or toxic fumes. No noisy equipment is used, and there’s very little mess involved — that means no dust covering every surface of your yacht’s interior. Vinyl will also preserve your underlying hardwoods and surfaces from having to be removed unnecessarily, and they’ll actually help protect them for future use. And you can rest assured knowing your boat will spend far less time on the hard.

Wrap nearly any hard surface

Vinyl film can be used to update the look of a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces. You can refinish floors, ceilings and nearly any hard surface in-between. Films require very little maintenance on your end, and you can expect a minimum lifespan of five years. You can even use vinyl films to match and replace milky panels or cabinetry instead of turning to paints and stains. And if you want to change the look of things down the road, or if you sell the boat and the new owner wants to customize the look to match their needs, vinyl films can be removed and replace with incredible ease.

Why choose Boatwraps for your interior yacht refinishing project?

When you partner with the vinyl experts at Boatwraps, you know that you’re getting the highest-quality products from the best in the business. We offering interior vinyl films like 3M Architectural Films, APA films and LG films, giving you thousands of texture and color options from the very best vinyl manufacturers in the world (all of which come with strong warranties and support). We can even help you create custom vinyl prints to match any existing color patterns or textures that you want to keep as part of your boat’s décor. And when it comes time for installation, Boatwraps only employs Certified Approved Manufacturer Installers to ensure the work is done to perfection.

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